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Learn more about Baird Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Victoria, TX
Vicinity of Navarro in Victoria
I have some area of driveway entering a lube building that has sunk a few inches.
Vicinity of Lone Tree in Victoria
I have a home that is vacant that has cracked brick as well as cracks in the foundation that can be seen on the kitchen floor.
Vicinity of Kelly Dr in Victoria
I am in the process of selling my house and would like to have our foundation looked at before we sell.
Vicinity of Cottonwood Drive in Victoria
We have a driveway moving and cracked, as well as patio crack. Would like to see if your company can fix this reasonably, easier than replacing it as we may be selling this year.
Vicinity of Ash St. in Victoria
Cracking around the living room wall
Vicinity of E. Loma Vista Avenue in Victoria
Our patio, not attached to the house, has cracked and one side has sunk about 4".
Vicinity of Newhaven in Victoria
Slight crack in sheetrock above hallway. Would like to get price on inspection of house to see if there is any foundation issues. Thanks
Vicinity of Colony Drive in Victoria
Foundation issue, cracks in walls
Vicinity of Ivanhoe in Victoria
Cracked walls and chimney area.
Vicinity of Aloe Rd. N. in Victoria
Foundation appears to be settling in the rear. Would like quote to raise and shim home to prevent further damage.
Vicinity of Navidad in Victoria
Crack slab needs repair
Vicinity of RIDGEWOOD DR in Victoria
I am noticing cracking in the exterior brick and foundation of the home. The interior of the home is also cracking in parts of the sheetrock as well as the sheetrock seems to be seperating in some portions of the home with the ceiling, and in other portions of the home the walls seem to be seperating from the floor. We have no desire to sell this home. Our family plans on living in this home for many years to come. We just want to make sure that the home's foundation won't cause major issues in the years to come.
Vicinity of Colake Rd in Victoria
Need estimate on a pier and beam home.
Vicinity of in Victoria
It looks as if the master BR slopes down, but the doors and walls seem to have not changed. Also, there are some cracks in the floor and chimny that we want to make sure are ok before we remodel.
Vicinity of DuPont St in Victoria
I have a few cracks in the celing/wall of one side of my house. I want to get it checked out and see if I need anything done.
Vicinity of Masters Dr. in Victoria
I would like an estimate for needed repairs
Vicinity of Sherwood Dr in Victoria
We have been noticing some pretty large cracks in the bricks on the front of our house. One side of our house looks lower than the rest of the house. We have also seen some cracks in the tiles in our floors and the porch tiles out back.

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