Alamo Heights Foundation Repair

Foundation repair can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare if not caught in the early stages. Knowing how to spot foundation issues before it becomes too advanced or costly will help keep you and your wallet at peace.

We Fix:

For more than five decades, the Baird Foundation Repair experts have provided financing, free inspection and quality service to Alamo Heights homeowners and business owners.

By using wall anchors, slab piers, helical deck piers and I-beam wall braces, we get you and your family or business taken care of. We not only offer a 25-year warranty on our products, but we finish most jobs in less than a week.

If you notice any of the signs above, call us today for a free inspection! Find out why Baird Foundation Repair is the expert in foundation repair Alamo Heights homeowners and business owners can depend on.

Concrete Repair, Leveling and Sealing

Growing up, you may have heard, “step on a crack, break your mother’s back.” When you look out at your sidewalk, patio or driveway, you may notice some of these cracks or unevenness due to settlement sinking or soil erosion. Not only does this look unkept and can lower the value of your home, but pooling water and trip hazards can occur. This goes for businesses, as well.

Can this be fixed without replacement? The answer is yes, and in most cases, in one day! Our Baird Foundation Repair motto is “Raise it, don’t replace it!” With the newest technology and techniques, our team can lift, level, seal and protect your concrete to enhance the look of your home or business – while increasing the value and safety.

We Fix:

Crawl Space Repair in Alamo Heights

Another sign your foundation might have problems is that musty smell in your crawl space. This area of your home is susceptible to high humidity levels, which can cause rotting and structural issues. Our solution for preventative maintenance is encapsulating your crawl space to make it a drier and healthier place.

Our CleanSpace®️ Vapor Barrier is a 20-mil, poly-reinforced white liner installed on the walls and floor of your crawl space, resistant to mold or mildew growth. With this barrier, we can transform your damp crawl space into a usable, dry, storage area – while preventing damage to your home!

Why Choose Us?

  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
  • 50+ Years of Experience
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

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Trust We've Earned

We called Baird cause our foundation was definitely in trouble. Our doors were sticking and it was becoming noticeable how much our home was beginning to lean. Baird was informative and helpful throughout the entire process! It took 5 days with the great work from the Foreman, Joshua and his crew Ryan and Mike! They did an amazing job and kept me informed through the entire process. Now my doors don't stick and I can rest soundly knowing that I had an exemplary crew who did the work! Thank you Baird for a job well done! Would highly recommend!
Alex Z.
Working with Baird Foundation has been a complete delight. Their staff is competent, qualified, and professional. We were relieved when they were able to finish our project a little ahead of schedule and on budget. They even left the grounds on our property better than they found them-- Improving curb appeal. Their focus on detail and their communication with us during the entire process eased the anxiety of having this kind of work done on our home. Joshua was awesome at explaining everything. From the first person in our house, to the sub-contracted plumbing inspectors, to the engineer, to the last inspector, each was a pleasure to work with- and our main contact - Joshua - was very patient in answering all our questions and concerns. If you require foundation work, we highly recommend Baird Foundation Repair. We couldn't be happier with the outcome here. These folks are true professionals and I am so glad we chose them.
Ryan M.
"They moved the chimney a total of 15 inches. It fit like a glove. Baird would be my first, go-to, foundation repair company in San Antonio".
Robin and Keith M.
"I was very impressed... I didn't get any other bids. Being in business myself, I got a good feeling about Baird."
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