5 Warning Signs of Home Foundation Damage

March 31, 2022 Baird Foundation Repair

Homeowners frequently overlook foundation concerns. One of the reasons for this is because foundation damage often appears to be linked to other problems in a home. There are, however, several foundation-specific red flags and warning signs that every homeowner should be aware of. Knowing what to look for can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Below you’ll find a list Baird Foundation Repair has put together of the best spots to look for foundation damage around your home. The sooner you discover foundation issues, the easier and less expensive it will be to fix them!

Cracks on Walls

One of the most obvious signs of a faulty foundation is the presence of cracks on your home’s walls – both on interior and exterior walls. Because all home structures settle to some degree after they are built, wall cracks are often caused by settling. In other cases, they can be due to structural damage.

Cracks can vary in size and directionality, so some are more serious than others. Stress cracks, for example, are usually 1/8-inch thick and aren’t much of a risk. But cracks that are 1/4-inch (or more) long and wide are more dangerous and should be assessed by a foundation expert immediately.

Sagging Ceilings

Another tell-tale sign of foundation damage is sagging ceilings. When a house is built on soil that contains clay-like material, the earth is prone to expand or heave. This frequently results in damage to the structure of a roof, such as sagging ceilings. This is a very serious sort of foundation damage. A sinking ceiling can result in serious injury or death, so it’s essential to contact a foundation repair expert to assess the severity of the damage as soon as possible.

Warped Floors

The presence of warped, uneven flooring is another one of the more serious signs of foundation damage. It can pose tripping hazards and have an impact on the efficiency of appliances and devices in your home.

Having sagging floors is a red flag that there is major damage to the joists beneath your home as well as the overall structure of your property. This can result in injury, property damage, and even tragedy if left unattended.

Tilted Chimney

Having a chimney that is tilted or leaning could suggest that the home’s foundation is sinking. The cause behind a tilted chimney can vary, but oftentimes it’s because your house has shifting earth surrounding it. Your foundation can be jeopardized if the soil is too thin or moist. Sinking foundations may not be obvious from the ground, but a chimney that leans to one side is a good indicator.

Hard-to-Open Doors and Windows

It is also possible that gaps around windows and doors on the exterior of your home are a warning sign that your foundation has shifted. In some cases, doors and windows may even drag or stick to the frame or fail to latch altogether. This can be annoying but also very revealing of the state of your foundation.

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