Why Is My Driveway Cracking?

July 10, 2020 Baird Foundation Repair

A driveway is the first part of your home that people see, and cracks in the concrete don’t give a good first impression. More importantly, driveway cracks and sinking decrease your home’s value and can be unsafe.

Here are the causes of a cracked driveway and how to fix it.

Why is my driveway cracking?

There are several possible causes that could be making your driveway crack, but the most common cause comes from the base of the driveway. Whether the base has settled with time or water has washed it out in sections, an improper or deteriorating base is the primary cause of concrete cracks.

When the base isn’t supporting the concrete in certain areas, cracks and sinking can occur. This leaves your driveway even more vulnerable to the elements – and can cause further cracking.

How can I fix my cracking driveway?

A cracked driveway may seem like a big fix that requires you to replace concrete, but this isn’t always necessary. Baird Foundation Repair has several solutions for concrete repair that are quick and easy.

Concrete leveling, or mudjacking, is a non-invasive solution for sinking concrete. Our PolyLevel® foam is inserted through a small hole in the concrete, where it expands and perfectly levels the concrete. This waterproof repair is much more cost-efficient than replacing the concrete and cures in only 15 minutes.

For joint and crack repair, we use a durable, flexible sealant that is resistant to UV rays. This means that the sealant will protect your driveway from washout, soil compaction and plant growth for years to come. It won’t dry out, crack or bubble under the hot, Texas sun, either.

Once your driveway repair is complete, a layer of state-of-the-art concrete sealant is highly beneficial. SealantPro concrete sealant protects your driveway or other concrete from dirt, water and more by bonding with the concrete at a molecular level.

With just one coat that dries in minutes and won’t yellow, you can protect your concrete from the main causes of concrete repair.

Each driveway is unique – but no matter what kinds of concrete issues you have, Baird Foundation Repair is here to help you restore value and safety to your home. Contact us to schedule your free, no obligation inspection! With offices in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, and Austin, we’re ready to help no matter where you are!

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