Baird was built on the principle of doing things right, a family tradition and has expanded on that notion as we’ve grown over the past 50+ years. We aim to exceed expectations during every customer touch point and constantly seek to make improvements to our customer service process. We take all customer feedback seriously and we make it right when we make mistakes. Check out our testimonial library to hear first-hand from satisfied customers.
Hello RustyJust wanted to thank you for having Juan Dimatteo and his crew on our project. I enjoyed working with Juan and he showed up every day at the jobsite in a good mood and ready to roll. He and his crew were timely with the work and seeing it through to completion. One of my pet peeves is keeping a jobsite cleaned up and I never mentioned it to him as he was always on top of it. Take care of him. He's a good man and the next time we need foundation repairs I will request him.
Scott E. D.
I give Baird a 5 Star Review for their Customer Service and Professionalism! Every person on the crew was so polite and the crew leader, Juan is a 5 Star kind of guy!
Our sales representative, Jared, was thorough and knowledgeable. He effectively communicated the value of the solution, the realities of the actual scope of work, and the warranty. I am not a fan of "salesy" salesmen. Jared had a great balance o f knowledge but at the same time was very approachable and certainly not "high pressure". This allowed us to make an informed decision in our own time frame. Foundation repair is a BIG decision - a decision about re-investing in one of the biggest investments a family makes. Jared gave us the information necessary to make that decision without pressuring us. He then worked with my very chaotic travel schedule, coupled by a failure of the weather to cooperate, to ensure we got the job done as quickly as possible. I cannot say enough about your site crew, from your digging crew and foreman and how they worked with me to minimize landscape removal (my wife thanks you for that) to your pier crew. They constantly kept me informed of the progress and were willing to stop and "educate me" as I continually bombarded them with questions. They are so me of the most focused, hardest working guys I have had the pleasure of working with in years. To be sure, they probably thought I was crazy from day one, but they got right to work and got the job done ahead of schedule. At the end of every day, they left the work site as clean as possible and by the end of the project, other than where piers were placed, there was no sign of them having even been on site. AMAZING! There is no doubt, based on my experience with Baird, that I am very willing to recommend your services, your pro duct, AND YOUR PEOPLE to anyone that I know has a foundation problem. (Already have actually). Thank you for providing peace of mind. If we stay here forever, we feel that Baird has given us a quality solution that will "outlive" us. If we ever sell, I have the peace of mind that I am handing over a house...a home...that will not become a problem for the next family that has a dream of home ownership.
John is my man, y'all did a great job! I couldn't be happier. I open and close my doors everday smiling, and I think I made a great choice selecting Baird Construction Co., Inc.
Dorothy H.
Dear Mr. Chaney: Too often companies get sent and commendations get filed in the future folder. My wife Carolyn and I want to thank you for the work your crew did in our crawl-space, replacing eight water-damaged floor joists and over forty feet of 2 x 4 toe-plate last month. The work crew included Gabriel, Hector, and Israel led by their chief, Jesus. They arrived as scheduled and worked diligently to finish in two days. And they even reconnected the A/C condensate PVC that had caused the rotting of the wood in the first place. Despite much creaking and popping noise during the hydraulic lifting, the only damage to our 70+ year-old house was minor cracking in the bathroom's ceramic-tile floor. Your firm had been recommended by service persons in the building trades, and we will add our recommendation whenever anyone mention foundation problems. May the Lord continue to bless you, your family, and your business. Sincerely, William M. and Carolyn A. Gisler
Bill & Carolyn G.
Diego and his crew are the best! Everone is very polite, considerate and very respectful. Always on time.
Carol Y.
Sheri had noticed some problems with the kitchen and dining room floors. At first, she noticed the floors starting to bow, then they become bouncy. After she reached out to us, we sent her our System Design Specialist, Brian Holt. Brian went out to her home and did a free inspection. At that time he presented her with a solution for fixing the home. We sent our foremen Juan and his crew out to take care of the foundation repair needs. She expressed how much she liked the crew by saying how respectful, communitive and helpful they were. She also said Juan was an outstanding foreman and she really liked how he worked alongside his crew members. Sheri also had her Crawl Space worked on and added in a Dehumidifier. Right away she noticed her Crawl Space door opens and closes correctly now. She also noticed the floors beginning to become less bouncy and she feels confident that the problem will go away completely once the wood dries fully.
Sheri C.
I want to thank Baird Foundation for the good work they did. I especially want to thank Manual’s crew for the good work they did. They started at the worst time of the year because of the rain and every week they come by and either pumped water out of the ditch or checked if it was dry underneath the house. As soon as it dried out, they went to work and finished the job. I would highly recommend Baird Foundation to anyone else needing foundation repairs. I was very satisfied with the work they did. Thank you, Jesse Tijerina
Jesse T.
When I first purchased my home, the foundation was in terrible condition. I received estimates from all the major companies, but chose Baird based on the professional and thorough method of evaluating the repairs required and explaining the repair process. My decision turned out to be well founded as the work crews and repairs were also completed as promised and all Baird employees were courteous and professional in completing the project. It is a real pleasure to have a service company that takes pride in their work and maintains a customer satisfaction attitude throughout the process. This same level of service is reinforced every year when they inspect their work and make recommendations to ensure my foundation integrity is maintained.
Bob M.